3 Steps to Getting Clear on Your Life’s Purpose

Simona @ Mindful Copy Agency
8 min readApr 1, 2020

A Guide to Navigating Past Your Fears to Discover Your Heart’s True Calling

We all want to know that we have made some sort of a positive impact on this world before it’s our time to depart. If that means touching just one soul on a deeper level, we feel a natural pull to contribute. We want to know that our life has counted, that we have infused it with meaning.

Getting in tune with your heart’s calling is a process. It naturally takes time. You are unlikely to have a sudden flash of insight or a vision where you will know “this is IT & I’m ready to go for it.”

It’s a gradual pull toward something that you feel wants to be born through you. The pieces of the puzzle are constantly being put into place to show you a clearer picture of what that “something” is.

Your fears often obscure your ability to see the outline of that picture. In this guide, we will address those fears so that you can see what lies beyond them.

First, it is essential to realize that you are already having an impact by who you are being.

Your life itself is a message. Every time you make someone smile, you’ve touched their soul. Every time you express yourself authentically, you help another know that it’s ok to do the same.

The smallest actions you take are meaningful, impactful and purposeful. But if you feel there’s a larger theme that you are here to set in motion, this simple exercise can help nudge you closer to what that overarching theme is.

First, you must dust the fears out of the way long enough to see a glimpse of the wonderful future your inner self wants to show you.

1. Identify The Fears That Are Holding You Back

You already have some sort of an idea about what you want your ideal life to look like and what impact you want to have. Start there. Identify the most basic fears that you feel are holding you back from taking action.

Fears stem from the perception of having needs that are not met. Your fears will fall into the following two major categories:

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