Believe & You Shall Perceive

Did you ask but haven’t received? It sees through your beliefs — the Reticular Activating System that can be your co-pilot on the course towards achieving your goals.

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Although we can select a response once the information is in the cortex, the first wave of filtration through the RAS tends to only allow in data from the outside world that is already in line with our conditioned responses and often-times subconscious beliefs.

We will not commit to a decision that is not aligned with our beliefs and therefore will be a lot less likely to pursue actions that we do not deeply resonate with.

If we do not believe that something is possible or that it is against our closely held beliefs or values, we will not be able to commit for the long-term in taking the steps necessary to reach that goal.

How do we will something to happen?


(A potential suggestion for revising the standard visualization process)

A soul who is passionate about sharing insights from neuroscience and personal growth to help make mindfulness mainstream.

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